Second Star to the Right


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fairytales. I think in part because I never really saw myself as the hero in my own story, just a supporting role, the Watson to someone else’s Sherlock. We as children are exposed to these stories and tales of magic, of dragons, and of happily ever after. Through our youthful eyes, we imagine our own lives as stories of adventure and fantasy. As I grew older, I learned that the world was not as it is in the storybooks, and I began to dislike the idea of instilling these illusions in the minds of children.

It’s one of those mindsets I have a tendency to get stuck in, that is, until something comes along to change my perspective.

In my random internet wanderings, I stumbled upon a quote that was able to begin to change my mind, along with the reality of what it could mean if we approach things a little differently.

The quote, by Neil Gaiman reads:

“Fairytales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

If we’re looking at it that way, then growing up believing in impossible things turns from nurturing an illusion of an imaginary world into creating strength and bravery in the face of our own, very real battles. I have said here before that I’ve been a skeptic to the truth of things that are actively affecting me, and as much as it seems like another pattern in my mind’s attempt at protecting itself, I have to admit that it is still true here.

If I look a little harder, I can see that there were days I woke up with a dragon sitting on my chest and a poisoned apple in my hand, ready to make me forget everything I was made for. If I approach that situation with the knowledge that I know about how this story plays out, I know that the power to defeat the dragon already resides in me, and that good will always triumph over evil, even if you have to fall into an enchanted sleep for a little while.

I’ve learned that being a lost boy from Neverland is not a curse, but an opportunity to walk through life with adventure and to create family with other souls brought to the island seeking freedom from loneliness. I’ve learned that things like pixie dust sometimes exist in our lives in the form of medication and counseling, but just like in the story, you don’t get to fly until you believe in yourself. You won’t get to take to the skies until you find that hope within your own heart- find it, and hold on for dear life.

It’s important for me to remember that there is not just one path that leads to victory over the things that try to destroy the good. True love is the most powerful force that has ever existed, as we have been given the most pure form of that in the love that was poured out for us on the cross. He has already written the story, he has already triumphed over evil, he has already given us everything we need to find the magic within ourselves.

I’m choosing to listen to the voice that says, “brave girl, you were made to do hard things- stand up to the pirates and the dragons, for you will defeat them with the strength of your wild heart.” When I’m scared of the darkness that rages against me, fearful of the flames and the rocks below, and when I turn to cry out, “but what if I fall?!” my Jesus will be there beside me, taking my hand with a smile as he says, “Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”

Love and Pixie Dust,

Kennedy Kenton (3)

One thought on “Second Star to the Right

  1. This is refreshing! I appreciate your choice to view both sides. Here’s to slaying the dragon, fighting evil with good all within the land called Mind.


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